Syed Saddiq Is Planning To Build An eSports Arena In KL And Form A National Dota 2 Team

Looks like the future of e-gaming in our country is getting brighter.

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Syed Saddiq Is Planning To Build An eSports Arena In KL And Form A National Dota 2 Team
Image: Stadium Astro
In August, Youth and Sports Minister, YB Syed Saddiq has expressed his interest in making Malaysia an eSports hub well known not only in the ASEAN region but in Asia.

Well it seems that we’re one step closer to achieving that dream as the Muar MP has announced that his ministry is already planning to build an eSports arena in Kuala Lumpur.

According to The Star, the decision to build the arena was part of the Youth and Sports Ministry’s aim to promote professional eSports culture locally.

eGaming fans would be so pleased with the news.
“We are looking to develop an eSports stadium. Stadium Raja Muda is one location that we are looking at,” Syed Saddiq told The Star.

The Stadium Raja Muda in question is located at Kampung Baru which has been renamed as Kompleks MSN Jalan Raja Muda.

“To sceptics who say eSports is for orang takde kerja main game saja (people with nothing better to do than play games), we say it has a huge growth potential,” he added.

Play Dota 2 can also earn you millions nowadays.
A report from Stadium Astro also cited that the young minister is looking into forming a national Dota 2 team in the future.

“As of now, [having a national team] is none to my knowledge, but that's a very interesting idea. I will discuss this with Datuk Shapawi Ismail [National Sports Council director-general] and my team first,” he said.

Wow, looks likes e-gaming will soon be a multi-million industry in Malaysia too especially with a national team. Well, we look forward to when this day arrives.

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