Authorities To Charge Rosmah Mansor With Money Laundering Soon, According To Report

Oooh, someone's in trouble.

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Authorities To Charge Rosmah Mansor With Money Laundering Soon, According To Report

Things aren't looking so rosy for Rosmah.

After witnessing her husband, former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, getting charged in court in August, Rosmah Mansor could soon find herself in the exact same spot.

According to an exclusive report by The New Straits Times, the 66-year-old is expected to be formally charged after investigators reportedly "tied up all the loose ends" in their probe.

The daily reported that after the previous government Barisan Nasional fell in the last general elections, investigators dusted off and revived 'The Rosmah Files'.

Sources close to the investigation told the daily that she could be hit with up to 20 criminal charges, with most of them related to money laundering.

Not a typo.
One of those charges, reported the NST, is likely to involve the purchase of hormone-based anti-ageing products from the US.

Rosmah allegedly spent RM1mil on the products, the daily cited sources as saying.

These supplements could enhance growth hormones by up to 600 per cent and at the same time, help boost energy levels, decrease body fat and increase one's sex drive (eeww!). 

According to the report, the former PM's wife allegedly issued a RM1mil cheque to a doctor with a 'Datuk' title in February 2015. 

The doctor reportedly told investigators that the payment - which was made from Najib's now-closed AmIslamic banking account - was for "two sets of medication".

The doctor has reportedly resigned from his position, the daily revealed.

Hands up if you're getting charged soon!
That's not all; investigators also found that a cheque was made from the same AmIslamic account for RM100,000 and paid out to a construction company, supposedly for work done at a house.

The house is the known address of - surprise, surprise! - the Razak family.

Looks like it's going to be an uphill battle for both Najib and Rosmah.

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