Coming Soon To A Cinema Near You: A Movie About Jho Low And His Exploits!

He is, after all, the man of the hour.

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Coming Soon To A Cinema Near You: A Movie About Jho Low And His Exploits!

Time to shine, Jho Low!

Remember the story about Malaysian businessman Jho Low presenting Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio with an Oscar statue that once belonged to Marlon Brando as his birthday present?

DiCaprio has since picked up an Oscar for himself and if things go according to plan, Jho Low could soon pick up one of his own too.

Well, sort of.

Jho Low's speech?
According to a report by Malaysiakini, a movie about the whole 1MDB scandal is in the works, and the 'star' would be the 36-year-old financier.

Award-winning journalist Tom Wright, co-author of the book 'Billion Dollar Whale', told the news portal that they are in the midst of discussing a deal to turn the book -- currently sold out at all book stores in the Klang Valley -- into a movie. 

"We are negotiating a movie deal at the moment, yeah," Wright was quoted by the website as saying during a meet-and-greet session held at Kinokuniya in KLCC on Tuesday.

Wright did not reveal anything much about the project, but he said an announcement about the movie could be made "very soon".

Will the movie be better than the book though?
To be honest, no one should be surprised that the entire scandal is heading to the big screen because, come on, it checks all the boxes of a summer blockbuster: money, scandal, intrigue and betrayal.

Who knows, the same production house that made 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' could be producing this movie too.

We can't wait. *grabs popcorn*

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