Malaysians Still Owe RM4mil In Traffic Summonses Despite Discount

Wah, how you all drive one?

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Malaysians Still Owe RM4mil In Traffic Summonses Despite Discount
Image: The Star
Those of you who have been driving for years, don't come and tell us that you never kena saman before.

Because driving in Malaysia, especially in KL (and other towns or cities with notorious driver), it is impossible to not want to bend the rules.

Just kidding. Helo pulis, please don't come after us!

So, with all the traffic summonses issued and a big discount graciously offered by the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) last month, there is still RM4mil owed in this city alone!

People give chance, why don't take?
As of 25 September, Klang Valley motorists have yet to pay up despite the 'promotion' that is ending on 30 September.

The Star reported that DBKL had collected RM3,215,100 in total between 1 and 25 September from 104,646 summonses that were settled.

There is still more money owed than what was paid up and you only have four days left to take up the offer, unless you don't mind getting dragged to the court and blacklisted by the Road Transport Department (JPJ) for unpaid fines lah.

Just saying.

Pay up, guys!
In case you missed the discount offer, DBKL is giving a flat rate of RM20 for offences related to motorcycles; RM30 for cars, MPVs, vans, lorries, 4WDs and SUVs; and RM50 for heavy vehicles like buses, trucks, lorries, cranes and trailers.

Now, please take note that this offer is only applicable to those with parking offences at metered parking spots and fines issued by DBKL.

But this doesn't mean the rest of you don't have to pay up because, well, please refer to the consequences mentioned above.

Those who have already been blacklisted or are currently being trialed in court will not qualify for the special discount.

So if you don't want all that to happen to you, pay up your traffic summonses at any DBKL payment counter, Pos Malaysia branch nationwide, DBKL payment kiosk, online on MYEG, or via the DBKL Mobis app that is available on all iOS and Android devices.

We can't stress this enough, but please, please pay all your debts, peeps!

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