Malaysians Throw 3,000 Tonnes Of Food Daily, Reaching A Critical Level In Food Waste

Just because our country is a food paradise, doesn’t mean we should waste food.

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Malaysians Throw 3,000 Tonnes Of Food Daily, Reaching A Critical Level In Food Waste
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Everyone knows that we Malaysians share our love for the one thing that brings us together – the amazing plethora of glorious food available in our homeland.

Having multi-racial and multi-cultural backgrounds, we could easily get access to all sorts of cuisine at any time of the day.

But this unique trait comes with a downside.

More than half of the rubbish we generate comes from food. Isn't that sad?
According to Bernama, the food waste in Malaysia has reached an alarming level. The data gathered by Solid Waste Management and Public Cleansing Corporation (SWCorp) shows that 55 per cent of solid waste at the landfills are made up of food waste.

The food waste does not only comprise of edible/inedible food but it also includes post-harvest loss at farms and plantations.

If you’re wondering how much food waste we contribute each day, well, get ready as the number may shock you – 3,000 metric tonnes daily.

Even the owl is shocked.
And the number will usually skyrocket during a festive season, for example during Ramadhan. This year, 615,000 metric tonnes of food waste was collected during that period.

A research by MARDI also illustrates that 20-50 per cent of fruits are usually thrown away. We know, the numbers are staggering.

This is a sad sight.
Perhaps it’s high time the government look into this issue by introducing a way to curb food waste, for instance, setting up food banks.

But most importantly, dear Malaysians, please don’t waste food. Eat only what you can or need, don’t go overboard just because you have the means to.

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