Boracay Island Reopens Its Doors To Tourists After Six Months Closure

Time to make some travel plans!

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Boracay Island Reopens Its Doors To Tourists After Six Months Closure
Image: Lonely Planet
Fans of tropical beach getaways, we’ve got some sunny news for you. One of the most idyllic islands in Philippines – Boracay, has finally reopened to tourists following a six-month clean up stint.

The decision to close the island was ordered by President Rodrigo Duterte after mass tourism took a toll on the tiny island. It was reported that over 2,000,000 tourists flocked to the island to bask in its natural beauty in 2017 alone.

Although Boracay island has reopened its doors, that doesn’t mean there will be no changes in tourism activities.

Yes, Friday please come fast. We want to dream of an island getaway over the weekend.
Now, only 19,200 visitors will be allowed on the 1,000 hectre island; a stark contrast from 40,000 visitors during the peak season as reported by AFP. The Filipino government is planning to control the availability of hotel rooms in order to manage the crowd.

Fire eaters, masseuses, vendors, stray dogs, bonfires and builders of the famed Instagram-worthy sandcastles will no longer be seen on the beachfronts.

All water sports activities except for swimming are banned indefinitely. Not only that, you are no longer allowed to smoke or drink alcohol on the beach.

The sandcastles have become a signature of the beaches in Boracay.
Well, if it means saving the environment and restoring the island’s beauty at all cost, we’re sure tourists will have no problem with these new rules.

With the crowd control plans in tow and the beaches appearing more pristine than ever, you can expect a more peaceful and scenic island retreat.

So, say hello to azure blue waters, white sandy beaches, your tropical dream getaway is waiting for you!

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