A Ross Geller Lookalike Was Caught On Camera Shoplifting, 'Friends' Fans Go Crazy

He was on a break, guys!

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A Ross Geller Lookalike Was Caught On Camera Shoplifting, 'Friends' Fans Go Crazy

It must be the holiday armadillo!

It's been 14 years since 'Friends' - which, by the way, is the best TV series ever! - went off air and its cast members have moved on to do other things.

If you've been wondering what they have been up to, well, Ross Geller was recently caught on a security camera shoplifting.

If you don't know who Ross Geller is (what's wrong with you?), it's this guy:

When you have achieved Unagi, you can defend & prepare yourself from any danger at any given moment.
The lovable but sometimes annoying character was played by US actor David Schwimmer.

So when police in Blackpool, a small town in England, posted a picture on their Facebook page on Tuesday asking for help identifying a shoplifting suspect, fans of the sitcom had a field day - because the man looks exactly like Ross Geller!

According to the police, the suspect was seen in a CCTV recording leaving a restaurant while carrying what appeared to be a crate of cans after the alleged theft on 20 September.

The post quickly gained traction online after fans of the sitcom managed to figure out who did it: it was Ross Geller!

After being bombarded with responses on their Facebook page, the police later confirmed that the real Ross Geller was innocent:

If that wasn't enough for you, David Schwimmer decided to prove his innocence - by reenacting the shoplifting scene in a supermarket in New York:
  The suspect is still at large at the moment and civilians are urged to be careful because the suspect is said to have achieved Unagi, a state of total awareness in which he can be prepared for any danger.

Stay safe, people.

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