If You Get A Suspicious Call From Telekom Malaysia (TM), It Might Be A Scam

Don’t get duped by these con-artists.

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If You Get A Suspicious Call From Telekom Malaysia (TM), It Might Be A Scam
Image: TODAY Online
Getting scammed is everyone’s worst nightmare,especially if it involves a large sum of money. In this digital era, anything’s possible for scammers.

One modus operandi that’s rampantly making headlines in our country is phone scammers.

These group of scammers, also known as Macau scam syndicate, would call unsuspecting victims using legitimate numbers claiming to be someone with authority such as enforcement officers, court officials and bank staff.

Yeah, and they sprout everywhere like mushrooms after the rain.
And their latest MO involves them pretending to be Telekom Malaysia (TM) staff.

Pahang Commercial Crime Investigation Department recently revealed that a 40-year-old medical assistant was conned RM5,050 after a woman pretending to be from TM claimed the victim’s landline phone number was registered for illegal online gambling.

Obviously TM has nothing to do with these scams.
The victim was later transferred to someone who introduced himself as Corporal Nizam Ibrahim and also spoke to another person claiming to be Inspector Firdaus.

According to the New Straits Times, the suspect was instructed to transfer her money to a different account while investigations are being held. The victim was also warned not to inform anyone of the case.

The victim later became suspicious and told her husband about it. She later lodged a report and found out she was scammed.

Every scam victim upon realizing they've been duped be like...
So guys, be wary especially if you receive suspicious phone calls from unknown numbers. Don’t give out yourpersonal information to anyone easily over the phone or online.

If you feel that you are being scammed, immediately lodge a report at your nearest police station.

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