Mat Redho Creates History By Being The First Malaysian To Win This Unique Sport

Let’s just say he’s a real ninja in disguise.

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Mat Redho Creates History By Being The First Malaysian To Win This Unique Sport
Image: Mat Redho Facebook
Mat Redho might not be very well known to Malaysians and some may only remember him for winning 'Fear Factor Malaysia' back in 2014.

But today, his name will be known to all of us as he not only made Malaysia proud in the international arena, he also made history.

Mohd Redha Rozlan, or known as Mat Redho, made waves Down Under after he placed first at the Ninja Challenge League Finals 2018 (NCL) in Perth.

Waving the Jalur Gemilang proudly!
He managed to beat out 95 other contestants after successfully completing all obstacles within 5 minutes and 13.09 seconds. The 30-year-old also became the first non-Australian to win the tournament.

To top it off, he was awarded the ‘Last Man Standing’ award after being the only contestant to complete all obstacles in the finals.

You can watch his jaw-dropping ninja-like moves here:

“I feel great, and thanks to this interesting challenge. I’d definitely come back next year,” Mat Redho told the New Straits Times.

Following his amazing feat at a lesser-known sporting event, a lot of Malaysians are calling for the Youth and Sports Ministry to sponsor him for his next event as he has made it clear that he had to dip into his own savings to travel to Australia for the tournament. 

Well, whatever sports you play and no matter how big or small the tournament is, we will always be proud of our fellow Malaysians.

Good job and a huge congratulations to Mat Redho. Malaysia boleh!

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