Pulau Jerejak Might Be Turned Into A Fun Theme Park

Or would it make a better horror attraction?

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Pulau Jerejak Might Be Turned Into A Fun Theme Park
How many of you still remember Penang's Pulau Jerejak? 

The little island located on the east coast of Penang was once known as "Malaysia's Alcatraz" because it used to house the country's main leprosy sanatorium.

After being turned into a quarantine centre for immigrants entering Malaya, the island became a prison, which later closed down in the 1990s.

This is what looks like remains of a Roman Catholic Church from the 19th century.
Can you just imagine the horror stories that come from this place?

Now, Pulau Jerejak mainly consists of dense jungles and hills, which is why it is now sparsely populated.

Who would live here?!

As it turns out, Pulau Jerejak might just be turned into a fun theme park.

The west coast of Pulau Jerejak overlooking Penang.
According to Free Malaysia Today, Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow said the theme park was initially part of a larger master plan for the island.

This plan was reportedly submitted to the state government by landowners Tropical Island Resort Sdn Bhd in August 2016.

He added that this project will involve developing the island's coasts, but would not include hill land above 76m.

Previously, another reported stated that developers would build a bridge linking Pulau Jerejak to Penang on the west, as well as 1,200 residential units, a theme park, a marina, four- and five-star hotels and a cycling track.

We're not sure how this project will turn out, but it will either become a horrifying attraction or a place with lots of smile and laughter!

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