There's Now A K-9 Memorial To Honour Police Good Boys

Well-deserved :')

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There's Now A K-9 Memorial To Honour Police Good Boys
Image: Facebook/Polis Diraja Malaysia

This one's for you, good boys!

There's no doubt that the members of our police force are real-life superheroes, and they are a huge reason why we can sleep peacefully at night. 

While we lavish praises on our police force, their most loyal companion (no, not their guns) often gets overlooked.

Therefore, it's only reasonable for us to give more credit and respect to police dogs as their roles are equally important.

But don't you worry, boys and girls; the police force are aware of that.

On Tuesday, the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) unveiled a first-of-its-kind memorial to honour their loyal four-legged comrades.

Etched in history.
Located at the Police Training Centre in Jalan Semarak, Kuala Lumpur, the memorial bears the names of present and past dogs of the local K-9 unit.

Comm Datuk Seri Wan Ahmad Najmuddin Mohd told The Star Online that the K-9 unit has had a total of 569 good boys since its inception in 1968, and "the unit’s contribution, particularly the various dogs in its ranks, is priceless."

Therefore, Comm Wan Ahmad said it's only fitting that a memorial is set up for the heroes to commemorate the K-9 unit’s 50th anniversary this year.

“This memorial is a long time coming and the unit deserves it," he was quoted as saying, adding that another 75 good boys will be joining the unit to replace the ones that have died (insert sad face here), are sick or currently being rested.

Who's a good boy? You are!
Ready to attack.
According to PDRM's Facebook page, the good boys of the K-9 unit have helped solve more than 1,290 crime cases to date.

Well done, you boys! We hope your handlers are giving you treats to celebrate your big day.

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