Tickets To The AFF Suzuki Cup Final In Bukit Jalil Are Still Available - For RM800 Apiece!

Darnit, scalpers!

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Tickets To The AFF Suzuki Cup Final In Bukit Jalil Are Still Available - For RM800 Apiece!
You know that feeling where you want something really bad but it's sold out, you're willing to pay a little bit more to get it?

(A shoutout to all you sneakerheads out there. We feel you)

That's what tickets scalpers are hoping you would do today, guys.

Scalpers be like...
A day after the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) announced that tickets to the AFF Suzuki Cup final between Malaysia and Vietnam sold out less than 30 minutes after it went on sale, Malaysians who did not manage to get their hands on them are desperate and turning to other platforms to get their tickets.

And because Malaysians are desperate, ticket scalpers are taking the opportunity to make a killing.

According to a report by The Star Online, tickets to the final tonight (11 December) are being resold at RM783.24 apiece on ticketing site Stubhub!

That's a 1,500 per cent increase from the original price of RM40.

That's not the only place scalpers are selling the tickets, though: we checked on an online classified website and found that they, too, are littered with scalpers trying to offload tickets to the game:

Scalpers, scalpers everywhere.
Some of the tickets are being sold for as less as RM150 for open standing tickets (original price is RM30) and up to RM300 for grandstand tickets, which originally only costs RM40.

But whatever it is, guys, do not support these scalpers by buying tickets from them.

They are other ways to watch the match, like heading to the Axiata Arena for a live screening.  Just don't feed the trolls; it makes them stronger.

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