Genting Plans To Open Outdoor Theme Park By January 2019, Says CEO

Fun is not dead!

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Genting Plans To Open Outdoor Theme Park By January 2019, Says CEO
Image: Genting Highlands
Back in November, news broke that entertainment company Twenty-First Century Fox Inc has decided not to continue with the construction of the first Fox-branded theme park in Genting Highlands.

The whole thing turned out to be quite a mess, with Genting then filing a USD1bil (RM4.2bil) lawsuit against Fox and Disney for breaching the contract.

Malaysians were, of course, pretty upset too, because the Fox theme park was something we've been anticipating for the longest time.

So close yet so far.
So, the most important question now is: what's going to happen to the theme park, which is almost close to completion?

Put your party hats back on; the fun is not dead yet.

According to Genting Group chairman and chief executive officer Lim Kok Thay, the holiday resort still plans to develop the theme park.

In fact, Lim told Singapore's The Business Times that they plan to open the outdoor theme park by January 2019!

Live view of us right now.
Lim said plans to develop and operate the outdoor theme park "are all in place".

Although he admitted that the whole Fox and Disney drama "caught us by surprise", the theme park "remains very much part of our plans".

The past couple of weeks, rumours were flying around that two of the world's biggest theme park operators, Universal and Six Flags, were interested in picking up the construction of the theme park.

While it remains a possibility that these companies will take over the theme park, it's good to know that Genting still has plans to complete the construction, with or without the help of a third party.

Take that, Fox! We will still have fun without you.

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