If You See Other Malaysians Still Smoking At Eateries, Here’s What You Should Do

Justice for cleaner air!

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If You See Other Malaysians Still Smoking At Eateries, Here’s What You Should Do
2019 is in full swing and we’re guessing that most of you might have Wednesday blues right now, especially after a long break from work or school.

The new year means a lot of new things for Malaysians; petrol price to decrease, some tolls will be abolished, and a new ruling is in place – smoking is banned from any form of eateries or restaurants.

From 1 January onwards, you can only light up three meters away from the premise.

If you want to die, die alone la ok?
At the stroke of midnight on 1 January, we expected that everyone will abide to the new rule. However, according to our own observation, it seems that many choose to ignore the ban and continue lighting up.

So, what should we do to tackle these stubborn smokers?

According to the Health Ministry, the first step you should take is to complain to the premise owner about the offender because it is their responsibility to ensure that no one is smoking at their eatery.

If the owner refuses to do anything, you can report the owner and eatery to the ministry.
Those who smoke at the newly banned areas can be fined up to RM10,000 or serve jail time of up to two years.

As for premise owners, those who fail to exercise the ban and ensure no one lights up will be fined up to RM5,000 or jailed up to one year.

Take note, guys!
Most Malaysians lauded the move as they can now enjoy a more comfortable dining experience. Some smokers also supported the new ruling as it may discourage them from smoking which will eventually help them quit.

We hope the remaining bitter smokers who are against the ban will eventually come to their senses and comply to new rules.

Here’s to a better dining experience and cleaner air for 2019, Malaysians!

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