Sorry Guys, It Looks Like We Have To Wait Longer For Cheaper Fuel

No new year joy for us.

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Sorry Guys, It Looks Like We Have To Wait Longer For Cheaper Fuel
If your new year's wish is to have cheaper fuel, we're afraid you might have to wish harder.

Last month, the government brought joy to many Malaysians when they announced that they will adopt the weekly float system for the price of RON95 petrol starting 1 January, seeing that the global prices of crude oil have dropped.

The weekly float system would ensure that Malaysians get to enjoy lower fuel prices, with prices being capped at RM2.20.

But of course, the government has to go and break our heart just three days into the new year.

Y u do dis, govt?
On Monday, they put a full stop on the plan, announcing that they would only make a decision after a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

Wednesday came and went, and unfortunately, the news wasn't good.

According to The Star Online, the government has yet to decide on fuel prices despite discussing the matter during the meeting.

Officials from the Prime Minis­ter’s Office and the Finance Ministry told the news portal that they did not get a directive from the higher ups to come up with a statement regarding the issue.

So, what does this mean? Well, it means that we will have to continue paying RM2.20 per liter for now.


Don't need to queue up, guys!
At the moment, there's no indication on when the government will implement the weekly float system, although the Petrol Dealers Association Malay­sia (PDAM) had already met up with Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to "highlight their concerns" over the float system.

We know who to blame for this: it's all Jho Low's fault for messing up our economy!

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