Penang Is Now Using Facial Recognition Technology To Help Spot Criminals

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Penang Is Now Using Facial Recognition Technology To Help Spot Criminals
Penang has just upped their game in fighting crime.

The state is now the first in the country to implement facial recognition technology in CCTV (closed circuit television) cameras across the island that can actually identify people in the police wanted list!

In a report by New Straits Times, this IBM system technology was administered in stages since December 2017. Now, there are already a total of 767 cameras installed that will be integrated into the system using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Are robots taking over?
The system is still constantly being improved and more cameras should be installed, but the state also needs to learn an algorithm and pattern that can help prevent crime before it happens.

A look into the CCTV control room.
State police chief Datuk Seri A. Thaiveegan said that the police will use data collected from the CCTVs to catch culprits in the wanted list.

How does it work?

According to Thaiveegan, when a criminal activity happens, the cameras would record the footage and suspect's image. 

The system would then identify the image and locate the suspect.

This is how the facial recognition system looks like.
Once the camera locates the suspect's latest whereabouts, an alarm would be triggered and the police would then monitor their movements first before taking action or making an arrest.

"We do not go straight to the person and arrest them. We have to check their identification cards and crosscheck with out database on the wanted list before taking action," he said.

"The cameras usually trigger when it reaches 80 to 90 per cent accuracy and even that depends on the camera quality, hence we have to check the person before arresting them."

And the best part is that crimes committed outside the state are also detectable as long as there are images of the person.

So, Penangites, we hope you feel a lot safer with this technology now. And it is only a matter of time before this technology spreads throughout Malaysia.

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