Laundrettes And Hotels Are Next In Line For Smoking Ban, Says Health Minister

Yay to more no-smoking zones!

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Laundrettes And Hotels Are Next In Line For Smoking Ban, Says Health Minister
After the nationwide smoking ban at various types of eateries came into full effect on 1 January, it seems that the Health Ministry is already looking to extend the ban at other places.

Other establishments in line for the ban are reportedly launderettes and hotels, according to Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad.

Dr Dzulkefly told the New Straits Times that “the ministry received requests from various parties to extend the smoking ban to laundrettes and hotels, where many smokers light up.”

Smokers, are you using the 3m rule to smoke?
“Checks showed that there are still those who smoke there (laundrettes and hotels). There is worry that this could cause health problems among passive smokers and can be a health hazard to children,” he added.

The ministry aims to make Malaysia a “clean-air nation”, therefore they will discuss the possibility of increasing the amount of no-smoking zones from time to time.

Malaysians, including smokers, welcomed the ban with open arms. However, a small group of dissatisfied smokers felt that the new ruling was unfair for them filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Health.

Yay to comfortable dining experience!
And if you see any smokers still lighting up within the eatery’s premises, click here to find out what you should do.

As of now, no fines or compounds have been issued because the ministry intends to educate the smokers and the public in general about the new ruling for the next six months.

However, warnings will be given to offenders and they will be fined if found guilty after the grace period.

“We want people to understand that the ministry does not want to punish (smokers). Instead, we want to educate them so that the smoking ban is effective and can be implemented,” Dr. Dzulkefly said.

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