Malaysia’s Hot Weather Is Going To Be ‘Hotter’ Soon Because Durian Season Came Early!

The higher the degree Celsius, the higher the number of durian.

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Malaysia’s Hot Weather Is Going To Be ‘Hotter’ Soon Because Durian Season Came Early!
Getty Images via Food Navigator Asia

Durian addicts, your favourite season is here.

Malaysians, we know that the scorching hot weather lately can be somewhat unbearable at times and you just feel like locking yourself up in a refrigerator on some days.

The current heatwave is expected to last until the end of April and it's a normal phenomenon, according to MetMalaysia.

But the hot weather may just have its perks because the durian bumper crop season is here!

Did someone say durian?
According to The Star, although the official season hasn’t kicked off yet (which is from May to August), it looks like you can find plenty of durian fruits available, especially in Penang, thanks to the sweltering weather.

Wholesaler Tan Chee Keat told the English daily that “durian trees need dry and hot weather to fully bloom” and it’s going to be a “long season” at his farm.

From D24 to the coveted Musang King, you can now easily find the durian of your dreams almost anywhere at this time of the year.

Yum yum durian!
So, if you’re wondering where to get your durian fix in the Klang Valley, you can check out one of these popular durian buffets in our article here.

And while you’re there, don’t forget to watch our guide on picking the right durian so that you don’t get conned.

Given the current climate of our country, don’t go overboard with the durians OK, and make sure to cool down with some coconut water after your binge-eating session.

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