We Created Viral News Site 'AmbikKau' As An April Fool's Joke And People Bought It

Brought to you by Rojak Daily, Cilisos, SoyaCincau, Soscili and Ask Legal.

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We Created Viral News Site 'AmbikKau' As An April Fool's Joke And People Bought It
Last weekend, we announced a surprise partnership between RojakDaily and a few sites – Cilisos, SoyaCincau, Soscili and AskLegal.
We created a new social content aggregator news site that focuses on fast viral content called AmbikKau.
So, if you noticed AmbikKau articles pop up on your feed in the last few days, it was on a website that was set up in just under four hours with the help of WordPress.
And none of the stuff posted there should be taken seriously because, well, we just copied them off other sites and called it a day.
The information could be real, could be fake. Who knows really? Because we didn’t bother checking.

Since online portals like RojakDaily, Cilisos, SoyaCincau and AskLegal are known for creating original content, we do our best to not repurpose and plagiarise news and content, especially from questionable sources.
Day to day, we try to come up with well-researched pieces and put our own spin on topics that are the talk of the town at the moment.
Unfortunately, sensationalised, clickbait and copycat stories like ‘Study Says Malaysian Women Have The Second Smallest Boobs In The World’ are the ones getting more clicks and shares instead.
That sucks for sites like ours.
In fact, there have been instances in the past where our own original articles and videos were blatantly copied and shared with no qualms.
We wanted to show how easy it is to get clicks and shares with minimal effort. So, here’s a big Ambik Kau!

How did we do it?

All our writers from each site were basically instructed to forget all rules of journalism and do everything we were told not to do.
Boy, was it a joy to churn out articles this way because all we did was copy and paste, change a few words, rewrite a couple of lines, make a dramatised headline, put up images without worrying about the source or hyperlinks.
And 15 minutes later, we’re done with one article.
That’s how we published about 60 articles per day and more than 200 articles a week on Ambik Kau.
If you had stumbled upon the site recently, you would never have thought that you were reading something that was less than one week old!
We also mentioned that Ambik Kau might not even need writers soon thanks to “SoyaCincau’s proprietary AI-based writing technology, CV Control, which finds content online, and instantly writes an article with minimal human intervention”.
Of course, that is not true!

Joke's on who?

Here’s a case study

The funny thing is that one of the articles we “wrote” actually went viral!
The first story we published on Ambik Kau was taken from a news article about a study revealing that Malaysian women had the second smallest breasts in the world.
It's not true.
Come on, the topic speaks for itself. Did we check if the study was legit? Of course not!
Next thing we know, the story went viral, generated about 23,000 views and thousands of shares in just 24 hours.
Other sites even picked it up and their stories went viral as well!
Soon after, someone pointed out that the study is fake and one of those sites corrected their original article.
And so did we!

We copied the correction too.

What did we learn from this?

This past week working on Ambik Kau showed us that if 15 minutes of “work” can get us thousands of views and 50,000 page views in total, imagine doing it for the long run!
If you have people who only cares about eyeballs and numbers, you win liao lor because sadly, that is what many people do nowadays – see, click, share or forward on WhatsApp without hesitation.
And numbers speak for themselves.
But we want you, our intelligent readers, to do something about this. Change the way you consume stuff on social media, take everything with a grain of salt and read from different perspectives.
Just like asking about Santa Claus.
As for our fellow peers and journalists, let’s check and verify every source and information.
Take that Malaysian women’s small chest story, for example. If we had read further on the topic, check on the study and validated the information better, we would have saved ourselves from having to deal with all the emo Malaysian girls that day.
So, ambik kau!

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