Meet The Woman Who Has Given Birth To 44 Children (!!)

Fertility is an understatement.

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Meet The Woman Who Has Given Birth To 44 Children (!!)

The woman and her kids.

If you are a mum and constantly complains about the endless tasks involving looking after your children, imagine the things you would have to do to take care of 44 children.

By the way, that’s not a joke: a woman actually has to take care of 44 young children.

Meet the most fertile woman in the world.
An Ugandan woman recently broke a record for giving birth to 44 children, out of which 38 survived.

The 39-year-old woman named Mariam Nabatanzi, now officially called the most fertile woman alive, reportedly has six pair of twins, four pair of triplets and five pairs of quadruplets.

Doctors have confirmed that Mariam’s amazing feat as a mother was due to her unusually large ovaries. However, she was told that taking birth control pills was not an option as it would cause health problems for her.

As such, the children kept on coming.
Mariam Nabatanzi had to raise the children by herself.
To make matters worse, her husband abandoned her three years ago, leaving her to support the children on her own.

She does everything from hairdressing, collecting and selling scrap metal, to selling herbal medicine, just to provide for her children's basic needs.

The family now lives in four cramped houses made of cement blocks 50km north of Kampala.

In Uganda, it was reported that the average woman will have 5.6 children, the highest fertility rate in the continent. The global average, meanwhile, is 2.4 children, according to the World Bank.

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