Study: Malaysians Respect Their Headteachers More Than Any Other Country In The World

Happy news ahead of teachers’ day!

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Study: Malaysians Respect Their Headteachers More Than Any Other Country In The World
New Straits Times

Who is your favourite teacher?

Each year, 16 May marks a very special day for those who call themselves teachers, educators, tutors, mentors and the likes.

It is a day where students show their appreciation for someone who plays a vital role in their childhood years, someone who’ll help them become who they are today.

And since the official celebration is only days away, what better way to celebrate it with this awesome news: Malaysians respect headteachers more than any other country in the world!

Headteachers in Malaysia be like...
The finding is part of a study conducted by Varkey for their 2018 Global Teacher Status index report.

The report focuses on teachers’ status to the society in a country, their pay wage, and how they can impact the education system and students.

Overall, Malaysia placed second with a score of 93.3 in the index, ranking just behind China (100.00) and ahead of Taiwan (70.2).

Malaysia boleh!
The study also found that Malaysian teachers work the least hours of all countries surveyed (26.1 hours per week). The index also found that about 49 per cent of Malaysians would encourage their children to become teachers in the future.

You can read the full report for Malaysia here and the overall index report here.

No matter what kind of teacher you are or which level you are teaching, we at Rojak Daily would like to thank all of you for your contributions and sacrifices.

May our children of tomorrow be bright leaders and be the change for our country.

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