There's A New Baby Giraffe Born In Zoo Negara

It's time to pay a visit to the national zoo.

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There's A New Baby Giraffe Born In Zoo Negara

What would its name be?

When was the last time you visited Zoo Negara?
If your answer is years, perhaps it is time to head there for a visit with your family, especially with the long weekend coming up.
Apart from the regular animals, there is a new addition to the Zoo Negara family you need to meet – a baby giraffe!
Giraffes are some of the most well-loved animals at Zoo Negara.
The not-so-little one was born on 18 April, standing about 1.4m tall and weighing approximately 50kg.

There were also eyewitnesses at the time, lucky visitors!

The calf was the sixth baby giraffe that was born in Zoo Negara.
According to a report in Astro Awani, Zoology, Veterinary Hospital and Giant Panda Conservation Centre (GPCC) director Dr Mat Naim Ramli said out of the six, four were unable to be saved because the mother giraffe refused to suckle her calves.

Sadly, the fifth calf had only lived up to five months and died last year due to bacterial infection.

Right now, the newest baby giraffe is often spotted lying down, and it would only stand up and walk around once in a while.

Now, we wonder what would its name be...?

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