Alarming: Penang’s Food Waste Increased By 40 TONNES During Ramadan

Land of good food and food waste. The irony.

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Alarming: Penang’s Food Waste Increased By 40 TONNES During Ramadan

Have you been to the Ramadan bazaar this year?

Penang is known for its plethora of amazing local food which attracts tourists from all over the country and world.

And if they’re known for that, it’s hard not to associate them with food waste.

According to a report by the New Straits Times, there is a 40-tonne increase in food wastage during the first 10 days of Ramadan alone.

Glorious Penang food.
Penang Island City Council Mayor Datuk Yew Tung Seang noted that the council collected 624 tonnes of waste daily during the holy month, as compared to 584 tonnes of waste collected daily in other months.

That excess amount is enought to feed approximately 1,000 people!

Shocking, isn't it?
“The increase in waste come from perishables, such as cooked meals, vegetables and fruits. We are taking steps to address the issue,” he told the New Straits Times.

So, how will the state government tackle this serious issue?

Penang has introduced a Food Bank concept where unsold food is given to those in need.

Other than that, sellers are encouraged to plan the right amount of food to be sold or give out their leftovers to animal breeders to be used as animal feed.

Remember guys, buy only what you need, not what you want during this fasting month. This way, you can also help minimise or reduce the amount of uneaten food which will end up in the waste bin.

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