Japan Has Finally Revealed The Correct Way To Address Japanese Names

Now you know lah!

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Japan Has Finally Revealed The Correct Way To Address Japanese Names

Now you know how to address Naruto's name.

If you grew up watching anime (like us), one thing we are pretty you'll find super confusing is the correct way to address Japanese names.

Is it Naruto Uzumaki or Uzumaki Naruto? We don't really know for sure.

In fact, we found out that it wasn't just us who were confused over this whole name thing: apparently, the entire English-speaking world has a problem with that too.

Which is why the Japanese government has finally revealed the correct way to address Japanese names, especially the name of their Prime Minister.

We'll just call you bro.
In what seems like a name confusion between cultures, Japan has asked requested the English-speaking world, especially the media, to call its Prime Minister as Abe Shinzo.
The country’s foreign minister Taro Kono told the Nikkei Asian Review that Japan’s local tradition is to call someone’s family name first, followed by the given name, not the other way around as is the norm with Western culture.

Therefore, the proper way to call the Japanese Prime Minister is Abe Shinzo, and not Shinzo Abe.

Say it right, guys!
Kono said the international media has been referring to Chinese President Xi Jinping dan South Korean President Moon Jae-in with their family name first and he now hopes that they would do the same for the Japanese Prime Minister beginning this year.
He said so ahead of a series of important international events set to take place in Japan, including the G20 summit in June, the Rugby World Cup later this year and the Olympics next year. 
Since the end of the 19th century and early 20th century, Japanese names have been written in English the opposite way, with the given name first. This practice was adopted during the Meiji Era when the country tends to emulate the Europe.

So, it's Uzumaki Naruto then? Got it.

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