Japan To Be Hit With A Tsunami Much Worse Than The 2011 Disaster?

The locals are extremely worried.

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Japan To Be Hit With A Tsunami Much Worse Than The 2011 Disaster?

A sign of things to come?

If you haven’t been catching up on the news, Japan’s capital, Tokyo, was hit with a 5.0-magnitude earthquake last week.

However, such disasters are not a new thing in the country as its location is very near to the Pacific Rim, putting them almost in the epicenter of earthquakes and tsunamis.

Who can forget the 2011 tsunami, the aftermath of Japan's most powerful recorded earthquake, that killed 15,897 people and injuring 6,157 others, with another 2,533 people still reported missing?

In fact, the tsunami even caused several nuclear accidents at three reactors in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant complex, causing hundreds and thousands of residents to flee their homes.

The magnitude of the whole disaster shook the world, but if the researchers' recent predictions come true, the world will be shaken once again. 

Scientists have predicted that another disaster, possibly bigger in scale compared to the 2011 tragedy, is set to hit Japan soon.

According to a report by CNN, scientists predicted that an 8.0 magnitude earthquake will hit Hokkaido in the near future, which will cause more damage than the 2011 tsunami.

The fear came after two four-meter long oarfishes were found washed ashore last Friday, bringing the total found this year to seven, the website reported.

Oarfishes typically live 200 to 1,000 meters deep in the sea, and they gained a reputation of being a bad omen after at least a dozen oarfishes reportedly washed ashore a year before the 2011 tsunami.

Researcher Masanobu Shishikura told the news agency that the eastern region of Hokkaido has similar characteristics of the terrible disaster eight years ago in the Tohuku region.

However, Uozu Aquarium keeper Kazusa Saiba told CNN that the sightings could be an effect of "global warming" or subtle changes in the Earth's crust that's "pushing creatures at the bottom to the surface."
In December 2017, earthquake researchers in Japan found the same incident happening at the Kuril Trench and expected earthquake to hit the area in the near future.

Thankfully, nothing like that had happened.
Let's just hope that the oarfish sightings were just an out-of-the-ordinary occurence and not a warning of things to come.

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