Now, Trash From Bangladesh Was Found Shipped Into Malaysia

Will this ever end?

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Now, Trash From Bangladesh Was Found Shipped Into Malaysia

We don't want your trash.

It seems like other countries literally look at Malaysia as a trash can.

Earlier this week, it was reported that some plastic waste that was intended for recycling in the UK ended up being dumped in a wasteland “deep in the Malaysian jungle”.

And on Tuesday (28 May), the authorities discovered that Bangladesh has been shipping plastic waste into Malaysia.

No wonder Greenpeace has named Malaysia as the “world’s rubbish bin”.

Guys, we've had enough.
The Star Online quoted Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Minister Yeo Yee Bin as saying that the discovery of compact discs hidden inside a container with clean recyclable scraps was shocking.

"I was very shocked. In front was legal waste, while the illegal waste was placed behind it.

"I really hope things like this would not happen again," she told the news portal.

According to the report, the illegal waste was found in one of nine containers parked at Westport in Klang.

You can't get pass YB Yeo.
Besides Bangladesh, the other containers came from Japan, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Australia, America, and China, according to The Star Online.

But, don’t ever think that we will accept the garbage as Yeo said that Malaysia is expected to send back a total of 3,000 metric tonnes of plastic waste from 60 containers.

Yeo has also urged developed countries to review their waste management of plastic waste and stop shipping it out to developing countries.

We don't want your trash, guys. 

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