Survey: Your Chances Of Getting Hired Become Lower If You Have A Tattoo

Do you want to take the chance?

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Survey: Your Chances Of Getting Hired Become Lower If You Have A Tattoo

Guess David Beckham won't be getting that job then.

Do you love tattoos and already have some of your body parts inked, or you're thinking about getting yourself inked because you're cool like that?

Then, beware, because your chances of getting hired may be low, according to The Star Online!

The news portal quoted a recently survey done by YouGov Omnibus, which revealed that Malaysian companies are skeptical about tattoos at workplace, with 37 per cent having a negative impression of people with tattoos.

The survey results, compiled from 1,022 Malaysians, revealed that 58 per cent of them would be less likely to hire someone with a tattoo, even if they were qualified for the position.

The survey further revealed that if you have a tattoo on your face, there's an 80 per cent chance that you won't get that job you wanted. 

This is followed by those with tattoos on the neck (69 per cent), hand (60 per cent) and arm (51 per cent).

There goes your chance at landing that job.
However, those with tattoos on their body are not affected as much, as the tattoos are most likely covered by clothes.

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Interestingly, the results also noted that 63 per cent think that tattoos need to be covered at work.

Despite that, 42 per cent of those who took the survey believe that tattoos should not impact a person’s employability.

What do you guys think about the whole tattoo at work thing?

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