Thai Landlady Shares Disgusting Photos Of Toilet Condition As Left By Tenant

Look away now, guys.

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Thai Landlady Shares Disgusting Photos Of Toilet Condition As Left By Tenant
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Sorry you had to see this, guys.

If you are a property owner, make sure to pay your tenants a visit every now and then.

You may never know what you will discover, just like this lady from Bangkok. 

However, we must warn you though: the pictures are absolutely horrifying, so if you've just had your lunch or you can't look at geli things, we suggest you look away now.

Proceed at your own risk.
According to a report by The Star Online, Nathalie Ruangde went to check the property that she had rented out to a tenant for nine years and got the shock of her life.

When Ruangde paid her apartment a visit after her tenant called her to say he's vacating the unit, she was stunned to see the condition of the toilet, which she described as if "it had not been cleaned throughout the nine years the tenant was there."

The poor landlady posted photos of the mess online, and the images quickly went viral because euwww.

We can't.
We don't know why we're doing this to ourselves.
She said the tenant, who would sometimes not pay the rent on time, was known as a "clean and respectable person" but the toilet condition could simply not prove that.

Here's the shocker: the tenant had the audacity to ask for his deposit back, the news portal reported.

Seriously, what's wrong with us?
Sorry, we need to go puke now.
Ruangde reportedly had to call in professional help to handle the mess, but she said in a Facebook post that she's "not angry at all, just wondering how you live."

Probably like cockroaches, that's how. We apologise for putting you guys through this.

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