Malaysian Tapirs Will Finally Get Their Own Conservation Centre In Jelebu Soon

Long live our tapir friends!

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Malaysian Tapirs Will Finally Get Their Own Conservation Centre In Jelebu Soon

Save our tapirs!

We often hear conservation centres for turtles, orang utans and elephants, but what about tapirs?  

Well, we have some good news for all you animal lovers out there, because the herbivorous mammal will be getting its very own conservation centre soon.

Bernama reported that Malaysia’s first ever tapir conservation centre will soon be built in the Kenaboi Forest Reserve/State Park in Jelebu, Negri Sembilan.

The conservation centre was created for the safety of the tapirs, when news of the animal being hit by cars slowly becoming more rampant, according to Wildlife and National Parks (Perhilitan) Department's state director, Wan Mat Wan Harun.

Look at how cute and carefree this tapir looks <3
“The rationale behind it is Perhilitan hasn’t got a dedicated conservation centre for a comprehensive tapir treatment, rehabilitation and breeding programme yet despite the number of animals being rescued rising every year.

“The state park is ideal for the project. The centre will encourage research and development into the species by local and international researchers,”

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The 81ha conservation centre will also be equipped with infrastructures such as offices, clinics, labs, X-ray facility and also a quarantine centre. These facilities will reportedly only take up 4.05ha of the land.

The remaining will be converted into a tapir paddock so that they could roam around.

The Kenaboi Forest Reserve is also a popular spot among adventurous nature lovers.
Wan Mat also added that the centre is expected be completely built in five years.

Malayan tapirs are an endangered species in Malaysia due to deforestation of their natural habitat and also for being trapped or shot by hunters.

The Tapirus indicus are also sought after for their exotic meat.

Yes guys, there are people who eat tapir and it is very disturbing just to think about it. We hope that the tapirs will be safe once the conversation centre is ready.

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