Cat Fitted With Bionic Paws After Losing Limbs To Frostbite

He's part cyborg now.

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Cat Fitted With Bionic Paws After Losing Limbs To Frostbite
Vesti Rossiya

Future cat-terminator.

Have you ever seen a cat with bionic limbs? Well, if you haven’t, you have now.
A cat who lost all his paws due to frostbite is believed to be the first in the world to be fitted with four new artificial limbs, according to a report by The Daily Mail UK. 

The unfortunate cat’s paws had to be amputated due to gangrene after suffering from extreme frostbite in Tomsk, Siberia, where temperatures dropped to minus 40°c.
The cat named Ryzhik is now learning to walk again after being fitted with special titanium implants.
Looks like new.
According to the news portal, cats in Russia will usually be put down if they suffer the same fate as Ryzhik. However, Ryzhik was found by a loving new owner who insisted on installing the artificial limbs.
A clinic in Novosibirsk reportedly fitted the bionic paws using sophisticated computer tomography and 3D modelling.

The cat's new paw.
Veterinarian Sergey Gorshkov said Ryzhik is the first cat in the world to have undergone such a procedure and the bionic parts have fully joined with the cat’s skin and bone.
 Ryzhik didn’t try to take its bionic paws off, showing that he is content with his new mobility.
Lucky cat, we say

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