Tokyo Will Make Olympic Podiums Out Of Recycled Plastic Waste

Going green.

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Tokyo Will Make Olympic Podiums Out Of Recycled Plastic Waste

Stand on the podium with pride, athletes.

It looks like Japan is very serious in implementing 'going green' initiatives.
Last year, it was reported that the country will reward the world’s top athletes at the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics with medals made from electronic waste.
Now, the organiser of the world's biggest sporting event has announced that medallists will be standing on podiums made from recycled plastic waste collected from local households or the ocean.

Standing tall.According to a report by Reuters, for that purpose, collection boxes will be set up at more than 2,000 local AEON supermarkets (in Japan, of course) for residents to deposit their unwanted plastic items from 13 June onwards.
Organisers have targeted to collect 45 tonnes of plastic in a bid to make 100 podiums, the news agency reported.

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If they successfully pull it off, Tokyo will be making history as it would be the first time Olympic podiums were made from recycled material.
Well done, the people of Japan! If you're looking for plastic waste, give our PM a call 'cos we have a lot of them lying around.

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