Man Robs Bank Using Just An Avocado...And Succeeds!

Avocados are dangerous!

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Man Robs Bank Using Just An Avocado...And Succeeds!
If you think avocados’ only function is to provide you with good nutrition, think again.

Apparently, they have more use than jam packing your diet with healthy fats, like demonstrated by one Israeli man.

According to a report by FOX News, the man allegedly robbed two banks using just an avocado.

But it's not.
The 47-year-old man would reportedly rush into the banks holding the avocado and telling the bank staff that it was a live grenade. Then, he allegedly demanded for the bank staff to cough up the money with a handwritten note that read: “Hand over the money in the drawer”.

When the staff hesitated, he showed them the ‘grenade’, which was painted in black.

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“Put the money in the bag or I will quickly throw the grenade,” he reportedly told the terrified workers at the bank.

Fearing for their lives, the workers obliged and the man managed to walk away with the money.

In total, the man allegedly managed to rob RM34,880 from the banks, but his robbing spree quickly came to an end after investigators successfully tracked the man's cell phone.

The police later identified him as a former convict who previously spent three years in jail for robbery.

We wondered if he previously robbed a bank using a banana as a gun. Must have lah, right?

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