Perhilitan To Work With The Police And Armed Forces To Stop Malayan Tiger Poaching

The animal is being sold in the black market for up to USD200,000.

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Perhilitan To Work With The Police And Armed Forces To Stop Malayan Tiger Poaching
Lately, we have been receiving reports about different species of wild animals in Malaysia that are now critically endangered and some that are practically gone from the wild.

One of them is the Malayan Tiger.

The species is currently facing threats of extinction with less than 200 left in existence, and one of the factors is illegal hunting.

So, according to Bernama, the Wildlife Protection and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) will work hand-in-hand with the police and armed forces in Ops Belang to track down poaching activities.

Water, Land and National Resources Minister Dr Xavier Jayakumar said that all parties aim to make the operation more effective because the population of the animal is now at a crucial level.

The hunting needs to stop.
However, one of the struggles the department is currently facing is shortage of staff.

A total of 200 employees are reportedly involved in Ops Belang every month across 20 hot hunting areas in Peninsular Malaysia.

"Besides help from the non-governmental organisations (NGOs) , members of the police force and soldiers may also join the Ops Belang... in the joint jungle patrols, we can ensure that there are no hunters in the jungle, besides searching for and throwing the traps that were set up," Dr Xavier said.

Sadly, Malayan tigers are being sold at high prices in the black market, which could reach up to USD200,000 (RM833,720).

This has continued to fuel the illegal hunting of the animal over the years.

Since the implementation of Ops Belang in January, 19 individuals have reportedly been detained, including six Myanmar nationals, three Cambodian nationals and 10 locals.

Let's save these majestic creatures together!

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