The Last Straw: All F&B Outlets In Selangor Will No Longer Provide Plastic Straws Starting July

Good riddance.

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The Last Straw: All F&B Outlets In Selangor Will No Longer Provide Plastic Straws Starting July
Business Insider/Lianhe Zaobao

You should bring your own straws the next time you're buying boba tea.

In a bid to be more environmental-friendly and conscious, the Selangor state government has decided to ban all plastic straws at food and beverage premises in Selangor.

The new ruling will come into effect on 1 July 2019, The Star Online reported.

State Environment, Green Technology, Science and Consumer Affairs Committee chairman Hee Loy Sian told the news portal that the implementation of the policy on reducing the use of plastic straws was approved by the State Executive Council on Wednesday (12 June).

Plastic straws will only be provided by request.

This move will mean less straws will make its way into our oceans.
“The main objective is to educate and increase the level of awareness of residents in Selangor on the long-term impact of the use of plastic, in particular plastic straws, on health and the environment,” Loy Sian was quoted as saing.

“The implementation of this policy is expected to help the government control increasingly significant environmental pollution and encourage recycling or reuse to maintain environmental cleanliness in Selangor.”

From Plastic To Metal, Malaysians Are Slowly Turning To Reusable Straws

Loy Sian also noted and thanked a number of F&B premises who have kickstarted this initiative even before the ruling was announced, with some even going to the extent of providing bamboo or paper straws or distributing free metal straws to the public.

Bamboo straws are the way to go.
The public is encouraged to bring their own straws as well as reusable food and drink containers to help Selangor become a green and environment-friendly state.

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