As Heavy Rain Floods Shopping Mall, Live Band Starts Playing 'Titanic' Theme Song

How apt.

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As Heavy Rain Floods Shopping Mall, Live Band Starts Playing 'Titanic' Theme Song

The show must go on.

When you find a shopping mall slowly submerging under water, there's only one thing you should do: run for your life play the 'Titanic' theme song.

The Mexico News Daily reported that a live band performing at a shopping mall in Mexico started playing the ‘Titanic’ theme song when it's being flooded with water, much to the amusement of the mall’s visitors.

The show must go on no matter what, eh?

Not letting it rain on their parade.
The incident took place in Plaza Patria Mall in Zapopan Jalisco last week when heavy rainfall reportedly caused water to start gushing in from the roof, flooding the ground floor of the shopping center.

As shoppers run for cover, the witty, brave band started playing Celine Dion’s famous tune "My Heart Will Go On", determined not to let a little flood ruin their set.
The people seemed to love the band’s sense of humour, as a video of the incident was viewed over seven million times on social media site Twitter.

According to the news report, this wasn't the first time the mall was flooded due to heavy rain: previously, 20 businesses were reportedly affected by a torrential downpour last year.

But hey, at least this time, they had a dedicated live band to keep the terrified shoppers entertained. Give these men a raise!

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