Hungry Polar Bear Spotted Wandering Into Russian City Looking For Food

A hundred miles away from its habitat.

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Hungry Polar Bear Spotted Wandering Into Russian City Looking For Food

Poor bear.

An image of a polar bear wandering in a state of weakness, hunger and confusion along a landfill in Norilsk, Russia has been causing heartbreak, especially among animal lovers and environmentalists.

According to BBC News, the female bear was found wandering around a factory more than 400 kilometers from its traditional territory.

Wildlife experts who were observing the bear's movements said the animal was spotted in the landfill on Sunday (16 June).

The bear, which was seriously malnourished and ill, was spotted laying hopelessly on the ground for hours on end, rising occasionally to sniff around for food.

The bear was spotted rummaging for food.
Wildlife expert Oleg Krashevsky opined that the bear could have simply gotten lost and when found, the bear’s eyes were watery and it could not see clearly.

Too weak to be sent back to its original habitat, officials told the news portal that the poor animal was flown to a zoo in Siberia for treatment last Friday (21 June).

This could be a sign of global warming.
The bear's sighting is causing more concern on global warming; melting ice and humans’ destructive activities are the main reasons why polar bears are reportedly ditching their habitat to scavenge for food on land.

It was reported that the last time a polar bear appeared near Norislk was more than 40 years ago and to date, there’s no information on how this particular bear reached Norilsk.

According to a report by Reuters, dozens of hungry polar bears scavenging for food in a remote inhabited area of northern Russian triggered a state of emergency earlier this year.

So guys, the next time someone says global warming isn't real, show them this picture.

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