Woman Falls Asleep During Her Flight, Wakes Up Alone On Dark, Empty Plane

This is real nightmare.

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Woman Falls Asleep During Her Flight, Wakes Up Alone On Dark, Empty Plane
If you wake up on an empty plane, all dark and cold without anybody in sight, what would you do?

Scream your lungs out, lose your mind and think that its all a bad dream?

Well, even though you think that scene only exist in your darkest nightmare, one poor woman went through it and probably has to live the rest of her life thinking about it.

According to this news piece by Channel News Asia, Tiffani Adams woke up to an empty and darkened Air Canada plane which was parked at a Toronto airport...just because she slept through disembarkation.

Adams said that she was flying to Toronto from Quebec City on 9 June when she dozed off halfway through the 90-minute flight.

"I wake up around midnight, few hours after (the) flight landed, freezing cold still strapped in my seat in complete darkness," said Adams in a post recounted by friend Deanna Noel-Dale on the airline's Facebook page.

She recounted how her phone ran out of battery right after she informed Noel-Dale about her horrifying situation and she could not charge her phone because the plane had no electricity.

Describing it as being in a "bad dream", Adams tried to focus on her breathing and control her panic attack. She also tried to send out "flashy SOS signals" out the window with a flashlight she found.

Luckily, a luggage cart operator spotted her, and he was shocked and puzzled to see someone stranded in an empty plane.

Adams said that Air Canada even offered her a limousine and a hotel after the ordeal but she declined.

Phew, we are sure she is glad that she went home safely!

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