Man Thought He'd Bought A Bungalow For RM38,000, But Actually Got A Grass Area Instead

Expensive mistake.

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Man Thought He'd Bought A Bungalow For RM38,000, But Actually Got A Grass Area Instead

The man's proud purchase.

Admit it: sometimes, we make the mistake of believing things we read or see online. However, this man’s mistake is a little pricey.

To be precise, his mistake costed him close to USD9,100 (RM38,000).

According to a report by news site Unilad, the man from Florida saw a great property deal online and but he failed to read the fine print.

He reportedly paid RM38,000 to purchase an advertised bungalow in an online auction but it turned out he’d just massively overpaid to own a foot-wide strip of grass


Unilad reported that the man, Kerville Holness, thought he'd become the proud owner of the bungalow, which has an original worth of USD177,000 (RM732,249), when his bid came out on top.

As it turns out, however, Holness’ new property was actually a one-foot-by-100-foot strip of grass which separates two villas in Tamarac, reportedly worth just USD50 (RM207).

What’s worse is, his money could not be refunded because Broward County, which were selling the ‘properties’, said the state law does not allow for it.

The man's new 'home'.
Although the photos on the online auction had made it seem as if the villa was for sale, the appraiser’s website and information on the county’s tax site showed no villa or building value.

To make matters worse and even more confusing, officials could not explain why the strip of grass was never attached to one of the two villas it stands between.

Naturally, Holness felt cheated by the whole incident, but sadly, there's nothing much he could do about it.

We just hope that none of you will undergo the same fate. Always be careful when it comes to 'too-good-to-be-true' deals online!

And oh, always remember to read the fine print.

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