Australian Pilot Falls Asleep, Overshoots 78km From Initial Destination

This is why some of us have issues when it comes to flying…

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Australian Pilot Falls Asleep, Overshoots 78km From Initial Destination
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Passengers sleeping or taking a nap inflight isn’t something unheard of, in fact we personally have done it a couple of times before.
But what if the pilot takes an unscheduled nap or accidentally falls asleep mid-flight?
This was the case of an Australian pilot who accidentally fell asleep and overshot the plane’s destination or airport by 78km as reported by The Independent

 Nope, just nope.
According to reports, the pilot who was enroute to King Island from Tasmania, Australia hasn’t slept for 24 hours.
Air traffic controllers and other pilots in the area attempted to contact him, to no avail.
Thankfully, he was the only person onboard the flight and immediately turned back to King Island and landed softly shortly after waking up.
Something horrible could've happen but thankfully he's safe.
An investigation was launched following the incident and the pilot was found to suffer “acute levels of fatigue” and his rest period prior to the flight was inadequate and would definitely affect his performance.
“This investigation highlights the need for pilots to assess their level of fatigue before and during their flight,” said Australian Transport Security Board (ATSB) executive director of transport safety Nat Nagy.

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