Study: Using WhatsApp Is Actually Good For Your Well-Being

Wait, what?

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Study: Using WhatsApp Is Actually Good For Your Well-Being
If your parents or spouse have been nagging at you for constantly chatting away on your phone while ignoring the happenings around you, don’t feel bad!

A new UK research apparently found that using WhatsApp could actually be good for our well-being.

Yep, you heard that right: WhatsApp plays an important role for one's wellbeing.

According to a report by AFP-Relaxnews, 200 male and female WhatsApp users with an average age of 24 years old were asked to complete an online questionnaire measuring their WhatsApp use, reasons for using the app, online bonding, quality of relationships, and group identity.

The study conducted by researchers at Edge Hill University found that on average, participants use WhatsApp around 55 minutes each day, mentioning that they use it for its popularity and its group chat function.

The researchers also found that the number of minutes per day spent using WhatsApp was linked to the quality of relationships, and that the more time people spent on WhatsApp each day, the less lonely they felt and the higher their self-esteem as a result of online bonding with friends and family.

The study’s co-author Dr Linda Kaye said there’s been a lot of debate about the dangers of spending too much time on social media, but she opined that it’s not as bad as people think.

“The more time people spent on WhatsApp, the more this related to them feeling close to their friends and family and they perceived these relationships to be good quality.

“As well as this, the more closely bonded these friendships were and the more people felt affiliated with their WhatsApp groups, the more this was related positively to their self-esteem and social competence.

“Group affiliation also meant that WhatsApp users were less lonely. It seems that using WhatsApp to connect with our close friends is favorable for aspects of our well-being.”

She added that the study shows that WhatsApp may stimulate existing relationships and opportunities for communication.

Well, what say you?

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