This Guy Is Possibly The Most Honest Man In Malaysia


Honesty is still the best policy.

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This Guy Is Possibly The Most Honest Man In Malaysia
Facebook/Ain Fatin Lyana

What a champion!

What would you do if you find a wallet containing more money in it than what you earn in a month?

For Azhar Abdul Hamid, who works at Tesco Stargate in Kedah, there’s only one thing to do: return it to its rightful owner.

In fact, he didn’t even open the wallet, which reportedly contained RM2,000 inside, that he found in a trolley, as he didn’t want to get into trouble if anything went missing.

The owner of the wallet was very grateful when he got it back and his wife, who was holding on to the wallet during the incident, even shared Azhar’s good deed on her Facebook page.

Her post has so far garnered more than a thousand shares and picked up by several news channels and online portals.

But that’s not the end of the story though. Apparently, that wasn’t the first time that Azhar – who once worked as a security guard at a train station to “make sure it stays safe – has returned money he found while clearing up the trollies at the Tesco store.

During the Raya season, he found another wallet containing RM5,000 – more than three times his monthly salary of RM1,500, as a matter of fact – and returned it to the owners.

Can someone give him a medal for his honesty already, please?

The Tesco Code

Of course, Azhar’s honesty didn’t go unnoticed. His employer, Tesco Malaysia, was quick to commend his actions.

In fact, to show their appreciation, Tesco Malaysia awarded Azhar with a Values Award, which is an award dedicated to Tesco colleagues who goes above and beyond the call of duty.

According to Tesco, Azhar reflected the company’s motto of “serving Malaysians a little bit better every day”.

To us, returning RM7,000 is most definitely serving Malaysians more than “just a little”.
With someone honest like Azhar working at Tesco outlets all around Malaysia, their message is clear:  whenever you walk into a Tesco store, rest assured that 1) it’s safe and 2) its staff have your back.

Return to sender

It may sound like an isolated incident, but people are always leaving behind a lot of cash while shopping at hypermarkets. Call it carelessness, call it forgetfulness, call it another bad day - but the fact is, they do.

But luckily for us, the staff at Tesco seem to be honest and responsible, making it a safe place to shop!

At your service
Case in point: another Tesco staff in Kuala Selangor, Abdul Aziz Manaf, also showed that Malaysians are an honest lot when he surrendered a bag containing RM61,000 (!!!) to the manager on duty at the supermarket.

The manager then made a police report, resulting in the bag and money being returned to its rightful owner.

Can you imagine losing that much of money? Now imagine getting it back. How amazing is that? We’re glad the lady who left her bag behind managed to get it back.

On top of that, Aziz also once handed over a handphone he found in a trolley to the customer service counter. We can’t even begin to tell you how grateful the handphone owner was they got it back.

They've got ya back!
Needless to say, the honesty of heroes such as Azhar and Aziz should be a norm and emulated by everyone.

And well done, Tesco, for empowering their staff to do the right thing.

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