How Bee-zarre! Thousands Of Bees Mysteriously Dropped Dead Following Earthquake

So strange.

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How Bee-zarre! Thousands Of Bees Mysteriously Dropped Dead Following Earthquake

Can you bee-lieve it?

Something bee-zarre has been happening in California - like, literally.

After a 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck the country last Saturday (6 July), thousands of bees have been dropping dead.

According to a report by Daily Mail, the bee-zarre (sorry, we'll stop doing that now) incident was caught on camera by a social media influencer named Khalil Underwood.

The 39-second video shows thousands of bees on the ground, either dead or seem to be dying, as they were ‘vibrating’ from the effect of earthquake.

Just lying around.
The night before, he tweeted that he estimated that the dead bees increased from "70 to thousands and then millions" throughout the night, but he couldn't take a picture as it was dark outside.

"I wasn't exagerating [sic] or joking last night...after the Earthquake, thousands of bees were vibrating on the floor and dying," he tweeted the day after, accompanied by said video.

You can check out the video below:
  While it remains unclear why the bees dropped dead, one study in Northern Taiwan that monitored insect populations noted “large declines” in the number of individual insects and also individual species after being hit by a 7.3 and 6.8-magnitude earthquake.

The earthquake that struck southern California was reportedly the worst the state has experienced in almost two decades.

A second earthquake hit the state the following day, causing fires to break-out in Ridgecrest, while more than 250 smaller magnitude aftershocks took place in a 36-hour span between the two major ones.

We don't know about you, but maybe the bees were trying to send a message? 

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