Expect Longer Waiting Times, Higher Fares, And Less Grab Drivers Effective 12 July

Plan your trips ahead, guys!

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Expect Longer Waiting Times, Higher Fares, And Less Grab Drivers Effective 12 July

Maybe we should revert back to taxis?

If you frequently commute using Grab, pay close attention.

Grab has announced via a press statement that from 12 July onwards, passengers may need to anticipate longer waiting times due to fewer Grab drivers on the road.

Don’t worry, half of the Grab drivers didn’t disappear like the Avengers’ blip (read: Thanos’ snap), but this is happening due to the new regulation set by the government for the e-hailing industry.

E-hailing service drivers will now have to go through background checks, a six-hour driver training, a JPJ driver exam, a Puspakom car inspection and a health checkup in order to drive for any e-hailing company.

Good luck to all Grab users.
So, there’s a possibility that existing or new drivers are currently going through this process and haven’t earned the greenlight to offer their services.

Grab has also mentioned that you may experience higher fares due to a shortage of drivers, especially during peak hours and rainy weather.

To combat this issue, Grab suggests that commuters book their rides in advance to avoid disappointment or ride during non-peak hours. So, try to avoid taking Grab between 7-9am and 5-8pm.

Time to think of plan B in case there's no Grab drivers, guys...
The new regulation, however, will not affect other Grab services such as GrabFood and GrabExpress. For more info, click here.

So brace yourselves Malaysians, things are going to get a tad bit difficult with e-hailing services starting 12 July.

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