A Malaysian Found A Stack Of Canadian Money In A Kettle And Is Looking For Its Owner

Anybody missing a large sum of Canadian cash?

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A Malaysian Found A Stack Of Canadian Money In A Kettle And Is Looking For Its Owner
The Star/Yana Bukharova Photography

Dollar dollar bills, y'all.

Finding money unexpectedly or in the most unlikely places can come as a pleasant surprise, but if you're on the losing end of that spectrum, it can be your worst nightmare.

The former happened to Mohamad Fahmi Abdul Aziz recently, when he was scavenging for recyclable materials at a landfill.

Fahmi stumbled on a pot of gold when he found a kettle filled with C$100 notes. But instead of keeping it for himself, he’s looking for its rightful owner.

“It is a daily routine for me to collect recyclable items at the dumpsite with my two workers. On Tuesday morning, I saw a shiny metal object half-buried in the ground,” Fahmi told The Star.

Fahmi with the pot of 'gold'.
“I pulled it out and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that the kettle was filled with currency bills.”

The 28-year-old refused to reveal the exact amount of money he found but he mentioned that it was in the “tens of thousands”.

Tens of thousands? Whaaaat!
“After a discussion with my wife and family members, we decided that it should be returned to the person who lost it. It could have been somebody’s savings and it has definitely been disposed by mistake.”

“I will not reveal the amount as I want the owner to reveal how much is in the kettle as proof of knowledge.”

Fahmi added that he will seek advice from his religious teacher and if he cannot find the rightful owner, he intends to donate the money to charity.

Meanwhile, the Canadian High Commission says that no Canadian has reported losing a big amount of money so far.

If you or someone you know is missing a huge wad of Canadian money, you can contact Fahmi at 017-4913683.

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