Man Finds His Maserati Covered In Sanitary Pads For Parking Illegally

That will teach him a lesson.

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Man Finds His Maserati Covered In Sanitary Pads For Parking Illegally
China Press

Wonder if he's learned his lesson?

Are you one of those people who like to park your car anywhere and everywhere without being considerate to other people simply because you don’t care?
Then, you better watch out, because someone like you just got taught a very expensive lesson.
According to a report by Astro Awani (quoting China Press), a man in Hanoi, Vietnam parked his Maserati illegally on a street and blocked the way for other cars.

After learning that the luxury car belonged to man who parked without any care in the world -- just to buy some bubble tea from a shop nearby, nonetheless -- one road user decided that he's had enough.

Pimped his ride.
The furious road user decided to teach the man a lesson by allegedly sticking winged sanitary pads all over the luxury car, including the windshield, bumper and tyres.

Good luck trying to remove them. 
The car’s owner was horrified when he returned to his ‘decorated’ car. According to the report, he then tried in vain to pry the pads from his car, but the glue of the pads were too strong.
Embarrased, he drove his car away from the area. 

Look at him go. 
We don’t know what happened to the car or if he managed to clear it, but all we know is that you don’t want it happening to your car too, so park responsibly, boys and girls.

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