'Nenek Kebayan' Spotted At Seremban Hospital Turns Out To Be Just A Really Old Woman

Calm down now, guys!

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'Nenek Kebayan' Spotted At Seremban Hospital Turns Out To Be Just A Really Old Woman

Grandma, is that you?

Recently, social media users scared themselves (and others) silly with stories of the mysterious sighting of an old woman -- or ‘nenek kebayan’, as what the Netizens are calling her -- in a hospital in Seremban.
Apparently, people have caught sight of the ‘nenek kebayan’ walking around the women’s ward wing of the hospital. 

The whole 'nenek kebayan' thing came about when a Netizen noted that that the ward only houses young patients, so the appearance of an old woman, especially in the wee hours of the morning, sparks rumours about the ‘nenek kebayan’ belonging to the other world. 
A photo of the hunched-over mysterious woman, purportedly taken by a doctor working at the hospital, has been spreading like wildfire on social media sites:

The image took a life of its own, and it's gotten so bad that the Negeri Sembilan Health Department came out to offer an explanation.
According to the director of the Health Department, Datuk Dr Zainuddin Ali, the ‘nenek kebayan’ is actually an old lady who happens to be patient at the hospital, Astro Awani reported.

Dr Zainuddin has also denied that the photo was taken by a doctor at the hospital.

As such, the department has asked everyone to respect the lady’s privacy and delete the postings about her.

So guys, you can put your mind at ease now, and stop spreading rumours. If not, a real 'nenek kebayan' will come and find you at night.

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