Penang Listed In 'Top 10 Great Value Beach Destinations In The World' List

Haria, Penang haria!

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Penang Listed In 'Top 10 Great Value Beach Destinations In The World' List
Kjetil Kolbjornsrud/Shutterstock via Hotels

Beautiful beaches + great food = Penang

For decades, Penang has been the go-to destination for a short trip or a food adventure for locals and tourists.

Besides the rich cultural heritage and spectacular plethora of street food that Penang has to offer, many people also flock to the island for its pristine beaches.

Penang’s beaches are so popular, in fact, it recently earned a spot on International Living’s list of  '21 Great Value Beach Destinations Around The World'.

And if that's not good news enough, the Pearl of the Orient managed to make into the top 10 by placing eighth in the list.

Did we mention that Penang has one of the best sunsets in the world?
According to the American website, culturally, Penang is “a mind-blowing place to live, and with a mix of these cultures, the food is touted to be the best in all of Southeast Asia.”

“Eat where the locals eat and you can’t go wrong. It’s safe for foreigners, delicious, and you can get a filling meal for less than US$5 (RM20.55).”

International Living also added that a couple can rent and live well in Penang for about US$1,455 (RM5,979.32) per month.

Tourists coming to Penang be like...
There are only two countries from Asia that made the list. Besides Penang, Bali made the list by taking the 21st place.

How I Did A Solo Trip Around Bali For Less Than RM1,000

In case you were wondering, Salinas, Ecuador topped the list, followed by Pedasi and Bocas del Toro; both located in Panama.

Well, as a local, we can 100 per cent verify that everything said about Penang is true. It’s cheap, scenic, and helps keep your tummy (and Instagram feed) full.

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