Local Teacher Is Now An Internet Celebrity Because He Made Add Maths...Fun

We didn't think it was possible.

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Local Teacher Is Now An Internet Celebrity Because He Made Add Maths...Fun

Yeah...still do not understand a single thing he's teaching.

Admit it! We all hate maths, especially add maths if you took the science stream in Form Four!

We mean, who can remember all those formulas of pies and square foots and what not, right? Definitely not us!

But this teacher from Cheras is trying to do something near impossible: he is trying to make his pupils love add maths by teaching it in an approachable and fun way.

Yeah, we didn't think it was possible too.

A young teacher from Cheras, Fathi Hussein, has become an internet celebrity overnight due to the unique way he teaches the insanely hard (and boring) subject. 

Fathi, one of the teachers featured in Astro Tutor TV, became famous after his teaching videos went viral on Instagram.

Bearings Form5 Maths. Habis topic ni kita gerak topic Earth.😈 See ya next week guys! . . #mathsanova

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According to a report by the Malay Mail Online, among the math topics explored by batik-clad Fathi include inverse functions, bearings, probability distribution, gradients and graphs - the topics we can confirm we failed in high school (hey, don't judge).

To date, one of Fathi's most popular videos have garnered more than 350,000 views on the social media site.

He also has more than 61,000 on Instagram. This is a real influencer influencing people.

da kenapa ysuku @shuibsepahtu ada dalam maths? 🙄🤪 . #ysukushuib #mathsanova @ysukushuib . . . . . 🎥 @amirmaaruf

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Judging by the comments left on his Instagram videos, they prove that his fun teaching methods are working.

An Instagram user with the handle @adharaihana commented “This teacher made me obsessed with add maths, I like the way he teaches.”

Well, don’t we wish that he was our add maths teacher back in the day! We probably wouldn't have failed so hard.

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