The Tokyo Olympics 2020 Medals Made From Recycled Waste Have Been Revealed


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The Tokyo Olympics 2020 Medals Made From Recycled Waste Have Been Revealed
The Washington Post

How much to buy one ah?

With a year left before the prestigious Tokyo Olympics 2020 takes place, final preparations are underway to ensure that the Games go along smoothly.

If you remember, Tokyo drew worldwide praise when they announced that they will be making the winner medals out of electric waste.

And now, the ​organisers of the world's biggest sporting event have unveiled the look of the medals that will be given out at the summer games.

Looking gorgeous.
According to a report by Channel News Asia, the gold, silver and bronze medals each feature a rough surface on the outer ring, encircling a smooth, shining centre.
The best part about them is the fact that the medals, weighing between 450g and 556g each, are made from recycled materials such as metal extracted from mobile phones and other small electronics donated by the Japanese public.

Bringing sexy back.
"The medals collect and reflect myriad patterns of light, symbolising the energy of the athletes and those who support them," the organisers said.
The design of the medals was chosen from 400 entries sent in by professional designers and design students.
The winning design, which reportedly showcased Japanese metal moulding techniques, belongs to designer Junichi Kawanishi.

We want one, please!The medals will come on ribbons that use traditional Japanese chequered patterns and graphics that symbolise kimono layering techniques. How cool is that?

BRB, going to start training in a sport just so that we could go to Tokyo next year to bring one of these babies home.

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