Malaysian Student Receives Highest Award From Pennsylvania State University


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Malaysian Student Receives Highest Award From Pennsylvania State University
The New Straits Times

Making Malaysia proud.

A Malaysian student has made the country proud by becoming the first ever Malaysian to receive the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences’ Engineering Honor Marshal award.

Muhamad Saiful Hakimi Daud, a 24-year-old undergraduate in petroleum and natural gas engineering at Pennsylvania State University in the United States was bestowed the after scoring a cumulative GPA of 4.0 on graduation. 

Saiful Hakimi receiving the award.
According to a report by The New Straits Times, the award is one of the highest awards given by the university for students with outstanding academic achievements and contributions to engineering, besides various initiatives taken beyond the classroom.

Muhamad Saiful Hakimi received the award at the Pegula Ice Arena in Pennsylvania State University earlier this week and the momentous event was witnessed by his parents Daud Ahmad and Jamaliah Kasim.

The student, who was born in Setapak and grew up in Sungai Petani, Kedah, said the award is the fruit of his effort.

“I don’t think this award will be of any significance in relation to my field as it does not carry any technical merit. But I believe that in the field, it doesn’t matter how many awards you have, experience is by far the most important,” he told the news portal.

Proud parents.
Want to know the key to his success? Take out your notebook and start taking notes, fellow students.

Well, he starts his day at 5.30am with a big breakfast, before going to classes and hitting the gym.

He keeps track of his assignments’ deadlines via his university’s Canvas platform and has a planner for additional tasks.

“Not only that, asking for advice from seniors also helped a lot since they had walked the path that you’re taking.

“And, lastly, I believe 90 per cent of my success can be attributed to my parents, who prayed for me day and night. I wouldn’t be able to do it without them.”

Well, we sure hope you guys are inspired by Muhamad Saiful Hakimi’s story.

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